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I just made a game!

2008-07-27 08:31:38 by Kingjables94

Hi everybody. I just made my first ever game. Check it out! However, I don't know how to get it on the site. Once I work it out all shall be cool. Untill then, bye.


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2008-07-27 10:15:25

Go to the flash portal, and at the top of the "Newest Submissions" box, there's a "SUBMIT" button. You game must be .swf or .fla


2008-09-05 12:24:32

Yrtnej you can't submit .fla only .swf! also Kingjables94 how do you expect us to check it out??? link plz! kthxbai


2008-09-06 01:23:04

If u dunno how to publish it.
Okay, once u done ur work, PUBLISH it! (Shortkey Ctrl + Enter)
The swf. file will be in ur PC, to get in into Newgrounds, u have to submit it!

To do that, get into Newgrounds, click "SUBMIT CONTENT!" its on the right of the sites. Click "GO TO FLASH SUBMIT PAGE"

Now, fill the form and upload ur swf. file!
Good luck!